Reference No: A0519

Enhanced Accident Tolerant Fuel assemblies (EATF) - PROtect program

Main description

As part of its partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Enhanced Accident Tolerant Fuel (EATF) program, Framatome is introducing the next evolution of nuclear fuel. We’re leading the industry to provide nuclear operators comprehensive EATF solutions – near-term and long-term – based on our expertise and experience and enhancing our proven products. Framatome’s near-term solution places EATF features – Chromia-enhanced pellets and chromium-coated cladding as well as accident-tolerant control components – in its existing fuel designs, offering operators enhanced efficiency and reliability. Our aggressive timeline is ahead of the DOE’s goal for deploying EATF in the U.S. fleet by 2022.


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