Reference No: A0532

Advanced Cladding and Structural Material - For PWR reactors

Main description

We offer an advanced zirconium alloy for PWR fuel rod cladding and fuel assembly structural components to provide Utilities with increased performance in their nuclear operations. This fully re-crystallized Zirconium-Niobium alloy produces much improved corrosion and hydrogen behavior. The stable microstructure responsible for these performance improvements is the result of the alloy’s composition and innovative manufacturing parameters. Our solution has a proven performance in a wide range of PWR operating conditions and fuel assembly designs: successful operational experience to burnups well beyond limits approved for US PWRs today, low corrosion & extremely low hydrogen pickup.

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Advanced Cladding and Structural Material M5TM for PWR

Advanced Cladding and Structural Material Q12TM for PWR

Z4B – BQ Fuel Channels Advanced Alloy for High Burnup Operations