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Monitoring and Sensors from the NPC

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Framatome has developed a complete suite of valve and motor diagnostics with a common software structure. The Electric Motor Performance Analysis & Trending Hardware (EMPATH) system has been developed by Framatome to conveniently measure and analyze electric motor current and voltage to obtain information on critical processes and equipment. EMPATH helps owners detect potential motor problems early, enabling timely repairs and avoiding serious damage. The EMPATH Continuous Monitoring System (ECMS) is designed to automatically test multiple motors from a remote location.

Framatome’s EMPATH system also provides Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) for on and off-shore wind turbine generator, transformer, and powertrain analysis.  
In most cases, voltage and current data can be collected from the base of the wind towers. We can detect and trend loose connections and issues within the transformer, generator, gear box, main bearings and blades. 

Framatome’s UltraCheck non-intrusive diagnostic and monitoring system efficiently tests and analyzes valves. The U.S. Nuclear Parts Center (NPC) provides 24/7/365 for access to our extensive spare parts inventory, guaranteed stocking programs, supply chain management and technical support through our website at

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