Reference No: A1088

Long term operation - Life time extension

Main description

The Preparatory Study for Long-term Operation assesses the feasibility of extending plant operating life. IAEA’s LTO feasibility requirements are the basis of Framatome's Preparatory Lifetime Study. This simplified, rapid approach helps identify plant-wide preventive measures to enhance the current technical condition of the plant and recommend time frames for implementation. The assessment can also include a preliminary evaluation of key cost elements to support investment decisions. Framatome NP's Preparatory LTO Study provides the utility with the road map to lifetime extension, license renewal or LTO.


  • Challenge solving Challenge solving
  • Operator competitiveness Operator competitiveness
  • Safety excellence Safety excellence
  • Efficiency of operation Efficiency of operation
  • Expertise Expertise
  • Operator competitiveness
  • Safety excellence
  • Expertise


Large Component Disposal

Plant Life Services: license Renewal Services (safety reviews) applicable to PWR and BWR

Plant Life Time Extension (PLEX) - Long Term Operation (LTO)

Reliability Improvement

Safety analysis for plant life management: Periodic Safety Reviews