Reference No: A1206

Expertise and related engineering in NI design: basic design, improvement, concepts (e.g. LBB), safety studies for systems … - For PWR reactors

Main description

Framatome as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of worldwide operating NPPs has a large experience developing safety concepts and implementing safety improvements, covering also the lessons learned in connection with core melt accidents.


  • Challenge solving Challenge solving
  • Operator competitiveness Operator competitiveness
  • Safety excellence Safety excellence
  • Efficiency of operation Efficiency of operation
  • Expertise Expertise
  • Challenge solving
  • Expertise


Containment Systems (Concept and Design Studies on FCVS, PARs, H2 Monitoring etc.)

Core Catcher Implementation Study

Design Study for Safety Systems and Solutions related to DBA/BDBA

EWP Damper - Study on Design and Implementation

Fast Acting Boron Injection System (FABIS)

Feasibility Study for Upgrade of Components (pumps, heat exchanger)

Feed and Bleed: Mitigation of a Total Loss of Feedwater Scenario

High Energy Pipe Break - Concepts and Walkdowns

Laser Scanning

Preheater Degassing : Removal of Radiolysis Gases from Feedwater Preheaters

Primary-Side Bleed and Feed - Re-establishment of Residual Heat Removal from the reactor core

Residual Heat Removal Capability with passive/semi-passive cooling technology

Sump Strainer enhancement and Optimization: Protects Residual Heat Removal Capability