Reference No: A1233

Civil Engineering and Structural Dynamic (including external hazards and safety analyses) for new and installed NPPs

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Framatome’s experts are fully equipped to offer complete solutions for your structural analysis needs. From piping support for the primary loop to the analysis of the containment structure itself, Framatome has the capability to analyze and design any type of building or structure, using virtually any type of material. Since the 1950s, we have continued to build on our experience in nuclear plant design and analysis covering the entire spectrum of systems, structures and components.

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Advanced Soil-Structure-Interaction Analysis for Pile Foundation (Seismic, Loads)

Civil Engineering and Engineering for New and installed NPPs

Coupled Dynamic Structural Analysis (APC, Seismic Loads)

Cut-Off Procedure for High Frequent Excitations (APC, Seismic Loads)

Dynamic Stability Check (APC, Seismic Loads)

Energy Absorbing Structures (APC)

Modular Erection Method (MOST): safety analyses for on-site erection

Seismic Isolation

Special Anchorage for New and installed NPPs

Steel Structure Layout and Engineering for New and installed NPPs

Structural Analyses for increased Loads (APC, Temperature, Seismic)