Reference No: A1356

Safety related Calculations: accident scenarios including hydrogen generation, radiological calculations, fluid dynamics, and criticality

Framatome's integrated and unified concept to improve the severe accident resistance and mitigation capacity of nuclear facilities. The full scope of analysis methods solves problems in the fields of fluid dynamics and thermal hydraulics. In the unlikely event of a severe accident large amounts of hydrogen may be released within the reactor containment, leading to a high concentration of combustible gas. An ignition of this gas mixture could exceed overpressure design values and jeopardize the integrity of the containment.

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Fluid Dynamic and Thermal Hydraulic Analyses including CFD
MELCOR Analyses for Severe Accidents including Spent Fuel Pool
Non LOCA and LOCA Analyses DBA/BDBA (RELAP/ WAVCO etc.)
Radiological Tools and Application (CRCS-Central Radiological Computer System)
Severe Accident Management guidelines for PWRs
Study on hydrogen generation and depletion inside Containment (PAR Study)