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CORYS simulator solutions for non-nuclear sectors

Main description

Framatome - CORYS brings to its customers a wealth of experience. CORYS has a long and distinguished history in the simulation industry, nuclear sector and non nuclear sectors e.g. railway, and has a reputation for superior customer service, innovation and state of the art simulation tools. For industries requiring or expecting extensive training prior to any sensitive intervention, our simulators model real-world environments. With CORYS, the largest and most successful simulator company in the simulation industry.


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Catalog Segmentation


  • Challenge solving Challenge solving
  • Operator competitiveness Operator competitiveness
  • Safety excellence Safety excellence
  • Efficiency of operation Efficiency of operation
  • Expertise Expertise
  • Operator competitiveness
  • Safety excellence
  • Expertise


Training Simulators for each activity expecting real-world simulation

Training Simulators for Hydrocarbon Industry: CORYS Hydrocarbons Simulation

Training Simulators for Railways: CORYS Transportation Simulation