Reference No: A1884

Resident Engineer

Nuclear Power Plant operators face increasing challenges to preserve economic balance in operating their facilities with decreasing electricity prices and Safety Authorities requiring the highest level of safety. The Framatome Resident Engineer is fully integrated within the operator’s teams, to have the full understanding of existing challenges and constraints. The Resident Engineer analyzes issues and provides the best engineering solution to each challenge. Thanks to its extended experience acquired in different nuclear facilities across the world, the Framatome Resident Engineer supports the operator to optimize expenditures, with an approach based on sound engineering practice and real return on investment.

Product Sheet
  • Challenge solving benefit Challenge solving benefit
  • Operator competitiveness benefit Operator competitiveness benefit
  • Safety excellence benefit Safety excellence benefit
  • Efficiency of operation benefit Efficiency of operation benefit
  • Expertise benefit Expertise benefit
  • Challenge solving benefit
  • Efficiency of operation benefit
  • Expertise benefit