Reference No: A1935

Technology-inclusive, risk-informed performance Based (RI-PB) advanced reactors licensing

Main description

Advanced reactors projects are ongoing worldwide needing more and more developments and studies in licensing. And final global cost for new advanced reactors is deeply impacted by licensing and safety studies. From science-based designs to model-based designs with PSA and PRA, Framatome developed methods including risk-informed and performance based approaches in order to improve licensing tasks and deliver the mostly optimized design solution, with less risks, efforts and time. We support your project in delivering well adapted design options for licensing.


  • Challenge solving Challenge solving
  • Operator competitiveness Operator competitiveness
  • Safety excellence Safety excellence
  • Efficiency of operation Efficiency of operation
  • Expertise Expertise
  • Operator competitiveness
  • Safety excellence


Advanced reactors including SMR and MMR siting issues

Control Room Staffing

Emergency Planning

Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS)

Licensing bases Events, Design Bases Events, SSC Classification, and Non-LWR PRA

Licensing Fees

Plant Security Rules

Staged licensing process

Technology Inclusive Content of application (TI-CAP)