Reference No: A1938

Support to transposition of advanced reactors technologies in GEN3+ reactors - New build or installed

Framatome's unique history worldwide is based on nuclear systems developments in diverse designs, from PWR to fast breeder reactors and people-bed-modular reactors. Thanks to decades of experience, we had the opportunity to develop our professional skills and expertise in the engineering and project management disciplines, in advanced technologies and in lines of business that can be used in various nuclear projects including all GEN3+ technologies. Whatever new builds or installed reactors, benefit from our unique experience in the conception, the design and the development of advanced systems.

  • Challenge solving benefit Challenge solving benefit
  • Operator competitiveness benefit Operator competitiveness benefit
  • Safety excellence benefit Safety excellence benefit
  • Efficiency of operation benefit Efficiency of operation benefit
  • Expertise benefit Expertise benefit
  • Operator competitiveness benefit
  • Efficiency of operation benefit
  • Expertise benefit