Reference No: A2047

Discrete logic solving system (DLSS)

Main description

As nuclear plant operators prepare for life extension, they need highly reliable, low-risk and cost effective instrumentation and control (I&C) modernization solutions. Solutions that meet current licensing and regulatory requirements having long service life with ample product support. Additionally, existing obsolete equipment may need to be replaced before completion of digital modernization projects. Framatome and Lockheed Martin join forces to bring U.S. nuclear plants an advanced analog modernization solution, Discrete logic solving system (DLSS). It provides non-digital, 1E safety I&C applications that protect nuclear power plants by monitoring, calculating and actuating protective elements to ensure safety measures are operational when needed. Framatome is the official channel to market for DLSS in the U.S.

Product Sheet


  • Challenge solving Challenge solving
  • Operator competitiveness Operator competitiveness
  • Safety excellence Safety excellence
  • Efficiency of operation Efficiency of operation
  • Expertise Expertise
  • Challenge solving
  • Safety excellence
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