Reference No: A3028

Hardline Analog Safety I&C Platform

The Hardline platform is a modern analog (non-programmed or hardwired) safety I&C platform designed specifically to implement category A, B or C (IEC 61226) and class 1E nuclear safety or safety related I&C functions.
Hardline is based on modern components, architecture and nuclear safety design processes. This makes Hardline ideally suited for both new Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) and for the refurbishment of safety I&C systems in existing NPPs for a variety of safety I&C applications including Diverse Reactor Protection System (DRPS), Actuator Priority Logic System (PLS), Backup or post-accident systems (PAMS/SAMS) and main/diverse Reactor Protection System (RPS).
Hardline can be easily adapted to multiple NPP designs, including PWRs, VVERs, BWRs, research reactors and small modular reactors.

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