Reference No: A3042

TWIT/SWIT Inspection Tools

Main description

In order to perform efficient maintenance activities on neutron detectors, but also to guarantee optimum staff security and to reduce time of intervention in the Reactor Building, we have developed TWIT and SWIT tools.
Maintenance of neutron detectors is complex. Intervention time is limited since the detectors are at the bottom of the reactor building pool where levels of radiation and temperature are high. Access to equipment is difficult and visibility is reduced.
TWIT (Televisual Well Inspection Tool) provides the ability to acquire a comprehensive visual diagnosis of neutron detectors, cables and connector plates installed in the neutron detectors wells inside the reactor building. The TWIT tool includes a high-precision camera that is resistant to the extreme conditions of the reactor building, a secure tripod and an adjustable rod to move the camera within the wells, and a compact monitor to view and record images taken by the camera.
SWIT (Safe Well Intervention Tool) is a mechanical tool designed to secure and facilitate neutron detector replacements and operations in the reactor refueling cavity’s detector wells. It eliminates the risk of workers and tools or equipment falling into the wells. It also makes the extraction and insertion of the connecting plate more reliable, and works with our Televisual Well Inspection Tool (TWIT).

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