Reference No: A3073

Reactor Pressure Vessel Inspections

Main description

Framatome NDE solutions rings innovation, reliability and efficiency to Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) inspection thanks to our longstanding experience in automated non-destructive examination of nuclear reactor primary components. Within the scope of long-term operation and license renewal, RPV surveillance and in-service inspections are vital for Aging Management Programs. Thanks to extensive qualifications under various national codes, we have built the broadest global perspective and know-how to this challenging examination worldwide. We tailored inspection solutions for: shell and bottom-dome welds, core-belt & under-clad defects, nozzles including inner radius (NIR) and Dissimilar Metal Welds (DMWs), radial Support Lugs, threaded area of flange plus studs and nuts and Bottom Mounted Nozzles (BMN).


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RPV inspections from Inner Diameter: Manipulator for complete vessel examination including UT, ET, VT

RPV inspections MIS7, CMM, nozzle PIPE manipulator (NPM) probes

RPV nozzle inspection from Inner Diameter with FRANIS systems