Reference No: A0464

SUSI-Gen3 Submarine System

Main description

Multi-purpose solution for various inspections and non-destructive examinations. SUSI-Gen3 is the fastest and most flexible solution for underwater VT-1 and VT-3 visual inspections, specific NDE purposes as well as search and retrieval of foreign objects.

Product Sheet


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  • Operator competitiveness Operator competitiveness
  • Safety excellence Safety excellence
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  • Challenge solving
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High Definition Pan / Tilt Camera LVT 140 CPT

High Radiation Pan / Tilt Camera LVT 140 TPT

In-Vessel Visual Inspection (IVVI) SUSI Robot - PWR

Multi-Functional Underwater Inspection System (SUSI) - PWR

RPV baffle and barrel bolts (SUSI)

Small High Definition Pan / Tilt Camera LVT 70 PT

Visual Inspection and Non-destructive Testing of U-bend Tubes and Tube Holders (SUSI)