Framatome Healthcare builds on our nuclear energy expertise and long-standing commitment in the field of nuclear medicine to advance medical products and services for the healthcare industry.

-  With our CERCA division, world's leading supplier of uranium fuel and targets for research reactors, and our Isogen joint-venture,  specialized in producing medical radioisotopes in commercial Candu power reactors, we contribute to supply chains sustainability for the radioisotopes used in radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic imaging and therapeutic purpose in cancer treatments.

-  Framatome is active in modernizing and upgrading Cobalt-60 sterilization facilities based one our protected innovative technologies. Framatome can also offer new builds facilities  together with partners, as well as services for those facilities.

-  Based on our metallurgical expertise and industrial capabilities, we supply special alloys for surgical implants and prostheses.

Customer Benefit
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