Informations aimed at Framatome's suppliers.

Framatome's ambition is to be a secure, competitive partner for its operator customers, built on operational excellence and high performance execution.

The performance of its suppliers, in terms of nuclear and occupational safety, product quality and quality of documentation, cost, delivery and innovation, is essential for Framatome, which needs reliable industrial partners that are able to meet the precise needs of the business and move forward continuously.

The relationship between Framatome and its suppliers has to develop within this framework and in compliance with:

-               National and international regulations and standards

-               Framatome's ethical commitment 

-               Framatome's values and in particular Integrity and Performance

-               All of the group's policies (on safety, security, quality, health, sustainable development, etc.)

Our ethics commitments

Framatome wishes to be an exemplary company in terms of Ethics and Compliance.

This document describes the ethical rules to which Framatome submits in all circumstances, whether as a result of external obligations (laws and regulations) or by its own decision. They apply to the company’s employees and with any necessary modifications to its suppliers and partners.

Find out more about out ethical rules.

General Terms and Conditions for Purchase

The general terms and conditions for purchase are applicable by Framatome and its French subsidiaries for all their purchases to their suppliers as from April 16th, 2018.

Measures to fight against fraudulent or counterfeiting practices

Supplier sensitization

Our commitments for the sustainable development

By integrating sustainable development into the purchasing process, Framatome addresses the world’s energy and environmental challenges and remains consistent with these fundamentals when doing business.