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Framatome’s Le Creusot plant ramps up production of replacement components for French nuclear fleet

November 16, 2020 | 1 min |
November 16, 2020 – Framatome recently announced that it ramped up production of replacement component parts at its manufacturing plant located at Le Creusot, France. On October 28, forging operations began on the first shell that will be used for the fabrication of replacement steam generators for the French nuclear fleet.

Before beginning production, Framatome obtained the French Nuclear Safety Authority’s validation of the technical qualifications to manufacture a series of 16 shells. The technical qualification is based on the requirements defined by the French regulation for nuclear pressure equipment, known as ESPN. It incorporates enhancements in the equipment and the manufacturing process of the components.

The Nuclear Safety Authority recorded enhanced process controls and other improvements to Le Creusot’s quality management system, organization and safety culture.
Opération de forgeage sur une virole destinée à la fabrication d’une série de générateurs de vapeur de remplacement pour le parc nucléaire français
Forging operation on a shell that will be used for the fabrication of steam generators for the French nuclear fleet

"This new milestone at the Le Creusot plant is made possible by our employees’ commitment and actions taken to achieve operational excellence in plant performance," said Jean-Bernard Ville, senior executive vice president of the Projects and Components Manufacturing Business Unit at Framatome. "Our ambition at Framatome is to position our plant as the world’s benchmark for industrial excellence in the nuclear industry and the defense sector."

Since 2016, employees at the Le Creusot plant have been committed to defining and implementing a comprehensive improvement plan. By mid-2017, this collective engagement made it possible to ramp up production for the construction of two EPR reactors in the United Kingdom at Hinkley Point C. To support the increased activity over the last two years, Framatome recruited more than 100 people and invested 23 million euros in its industrial facilities.

In 2020, the Le Creusot plant will spearhead Framatome’s component manufacturing standardization and industrialization program called Juliette. Through specific action plans, Framatome renews its commitment to the process of industrial excellence.

More information:
A shell is a cylindrical or conical hollow piece of fabricated metal. A series of shells are welded together to form the external body of the main primary loop components, such as steam generators, vessels and pressurizers.


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