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Framatome partners with Metroscope to deliver digital twin modeling and diagnostics

November 25, 2020 | 1 min |
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November 25, 2020 – Framatome and Metroscope, a software subsidiary of the EDF Group, recently signed a partnership agreement to deliver performance diagnostic and modeling tools to nuclear customers worldwide. This technology uses digital twins and artificial intelligence embedded in a high performing software application to perform diagnoses for optimal plant operations.

“Emerging technologies are shaping the future of nuclear energy. We are at the forefront in delivering engineering services through partnerships and dedicated programs in the field of artificial intelligence and reactor digital twins modeling,” said Catherine Cornand, senior executive vice president of Installed Base Business Unit at Framatome. “Partnering with Metroscope provides operators critical information and early detection for improved performance, while generating immediate savings for our customers.”
Screenshot of a graph from the Metroscope solution - symptom detection. © Metroscope
Screenshot of a graph from the Metroscope solution - symptom detection. © Metroscope

The digital twin design consists of a physics model with specialized calibration to plant data and embedded operational experience. Engineering expertise in thermal-hydraulic modeling and plant performance analysis is critical in the role of developing digital twin modeling. Framatome’s engineering teams will develop the digital twin model, and Metroscope will deliver its break-through software along with support and user training to customers worldwide.

Metroscope supplements Framatome’s diagnostics offerings as it is focused on the nuclear secondary circuit performance. Also, by identifying risks or anomalies early on the secondary side, Framatome and Metroscope provide nuclear operators with unrivalled ability to optimize their production and anticipate maintenance needs.

“By teaming up with Framatome, our startup enters a new phase of development,” said Aurélien Schwartz, Metroscope CEO. “Together, we will benefit from having the best experts deliver our technology to nuclear plants worldwide.”

Metroscope’s software was awarded the 2019 Nuclear Innovation of the Year by SFEN (French Nuclear Energy Society). It is now in use on 40 units within the EDF fleet to supervise the electricity production with plans to complete the entire fleet in France. Active projects in Europe and North America address both nuclear and fossil generation as well as data center cooling system applications.


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