Reference No: A0650

Containment Venting Systems

Main description

The event of a severe accident which leads to a pressure build-up in the containment of a nuclear power plant represents a high danger to the integrity of the containment. The uncontrolled release of radioactive fission products from the containment can lead to catastrophic consequences for the environment and for the population. For the mitigation of the consequences of such severe accidents Framatome has developed Containment Venting System that allow safe reduction of the pressure in the containment. In case of Framatome’s Filtered Containment Venting Systems minimize the unavoidable releases of activity to the environment to an extent as low as reasonably achievable.

Framatome is qualified and has the expertise and knowledge to design and supply several Containment Venting System solutions for different types of reactors as PWR, PHWR, ABWR, BWR, CANDU and SMR. Framatome further provides related studies to evaluate existing containment venting system installations for possible optimization and is in possession of testing facilities to conduct performance tests or further developments.



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Filtered Containment Venting System - Dry

Filtered Containment Venting System - I-Catch

Filtered Containment Venting System - PLUS

Filtered Containment Venting System - Standard

Hardened Vents

JAVA Plus Test Facility for Qualification Filtered Containment Venting System (FCVS)

Radiation Monitoring: Passive Gaseous Effluent Monitoring System (PEGASUS)