Reference No: A2051

Digital Protection Relay Upgrades

Main description

Utilities are facing aging and obsolescence challenges with existing electromechanical relays. There are also equipment reliability issues, such as drift and unexpected failure, as well as high, in-kind replacement costs. Digital protection relays offer reduced lifecycle costs, increased reliability and improved operational flexibility compared to existing electromechanical protection equipment.

Framatome is a proven supplier of digital technology and long-standing integrator of nuclear electrical systems. Framatome and electrical protection industry leader Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) are teaming together to bring qualified protection solutions for safety and non-safety nuclear applications. 

We are now providing SEL digital relays to the nuclear industry through a robust qualification and Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) program. Replacement of existing relays with digital protection relays is the optimal solution to ensure safe, reliable, long-term plant operation.

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