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Framatome Reactors Owners Group

A Worldwide Network of Experience

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The FROG mission is dedicated to building strong and efficient teaming for mutual co-operation and assistance, to sharing its Members' experience and expertise, to support the safe, reliable, and cost-effective operation of its Members' nuclear power units..


FROG is addressing its members’ technical challenges in working groups and joint programs. Since 1991, FROG’s creation, 51 joints programs have been completed. These study and research programs benefit from Framatome’s expertise as an OEM. Their results are shared with its members and contribute to safety and performance improvement in the nuclear industry

Valuesof the group

Learning from each other is one of the FROG key values. Composed of valuable contacts, the FROG is the place for nuclear operators worldwide to share operational experience and technical expertise in a trustful and timely manner.

A solid and efficient network supported by Framatome, the FROG community collaborates on both daily basis and forward-looking solutions in terms of safety, performance and innovation in the nuclear industry.


- Constitute a forum for utilities and OEM to exchange on all aspects of operating experience
- Provide a mechanism for identifying and resolving generic issues through effective channels established between utilities, designer, and other organizations
- Provide cost/delay effective resolution of generic problems
Allow any member to participate to development programs
- Set an organization for exchanging operating experience with similar Owners Groups.

Latest Public News

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