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EDF EPR Engineering UK (EPR-E) is a subsidiary of Edvance, which is a joint venture between EDF and Framatome, established in 2018 in charge of the design and the realisation of nuclear islands for new projects in France and worldwide.
In particular, EDF EPR Engineering UK is responsible for the design and construction of the nuclear island for Hinkley Point C (HPC) project and preparing the design replication and engineering activities for the Sizewell C (SZC) Project.
At HPC we are building two new nuclear reactors, the first in a new generation of nuclear power stations in the UK providing low carbon electricity for around six million homes.
For the SZC Project, work on the replication strategy and some early design studies are already underway and being delivered and managed from both France and UK.

For the HPC and SZC project, we are looking to recruit for the role of Manufacturing Surveillance Equipment Engineer.

The UK Manufacturing Control (UKMC) team aims to provide adequate and reactive surveillance on:
Manufacturing documentation:

  • reviewing procurement and manufacturing specs, procedures, welding books… – All the suppliers documents required to begin the manufacturing of equipment,
    issuing technical positions on non-conformance reports (NCRs), exemption requests (ERs), technical queries (TQs) that may arise during the manufacturing.

In-shop manufacturing:

  • performing inspections at the suppliers’ facilities during the manufacturing

These activities are achieved to provide confidence to our clients (projects) and to ensure that the manufactured parts and equipment reach the expected level of quality, in accordance with the specified requirements, and can thus be delivered to nuclear sites for installation.

As a Manufacturing Surveillance Equipment Engineer, your day-to-day activities will include:

Drafting of the Surveillance Offers related to the contracts for which UKMC (UK Manufacturing Control) has been mandated to perform the manufacturing surveillance:

  • taking part in joint risk analysis with the client’s project and quality teams, the role will make prescriptions of mitigation actions in terms of surveillance activities, regarding:
  • manufacturing documentation 
  • manufacturing operations in-factory

Performing the technical review and acceptance of the manufacturing documents issued by the suppliers:

  • technical manufacturing procedures, specifications,    welding documents (qualifications, procedures), procedures for NDT, coating, cleaning, packing
  • the manufacturing Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs)
  • Exemption requests, technical queries, clarifications…

These activities lead to an official technical position that is produced by the Equipment Engineer.

Responsible of providing a final assessment regarding the equipment in the Clearance Notes (which purpose are to report to HPC/NNB whether the surveillance and inspections carried out on the components and equipment are in accordance with their associated Offers

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To be considered, the following qualifications, skills and experience is required:

  • Degree qualified or equivalent in a relevant science or engineering discipline (Bac + 5 – Chartered engineer, MSc or equivalent): mechanical and/or materials engineering
  • Recognized advanced welding diploma/certificate (International Welding Engineer, CWS or equivalent)
  • Strong knowledge of regulations, codes and standards related to the manufacturing of steel components (and preferably in the nuclear industry): RCC-M, ISO 13480, ISO 15614.
  • Good knowledge of Non-Destructive Testing: preferably level II (PCN or equivalent) in PT/MT/RT – can be split between the 2 personals
  • Knowledge of surface treatments: coating, pickling, passivation
  • Wealth of experience in documentation review for manufacturing of mechanical equipment
  • Experience in the nuclear field
  • Good self-organization of work and the ability to manage several work streams simultaneously
  • Good writing skills
  • Ability to manage the interactions with a multi-disciplinary team
  • Committed to deliver to quality and schedule
  • Ability to cope in a technically complex and fast-changing environment
  • Ability to remain focused under pressure, thinking clearly and objectively
  • Enjoys a challenging technical environment with multiple and urgent demands
  • Rigorous, serious, and highly committed
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Keen to meet with suppliers and to go on the field

 Languages (level)

  • English fluent (required)
  • French – basics (required)  

This position will be based from our Aztec West offices in Bristol with Hybrid working available (min 3 day office) 

UKMC was created in November 2021, as part of DI (Industrial Division of EDF Group), to:
get closer to one of DI’s main clients (HPC) and ease the communication on topics regarding surveillance, 
enhance the knowledge and control of the UK supply chain,
perform better responsive inspections in the UK,
bring some innovations in the way that the manufacturing surveillance is achieved (with a more collaborative approach with the client),
prepare for Sizewell C and future nuclear programs in the UK.
UKMC team is now part of EDF EPR Engineering UK (EPR-E). Its headquarters are in Bristol (Aztec West). But UKMC staff is present all over the UK: 12 people at end of 2023 (inspectors and engineers mostly), and the team will be growing to 15 in 2024 on the same scope of activity (but might grow larger depending on business development opportunities).
The main competencies of the team are Manufacturing, Materials, Welding and NDTs.
UKMC current scope of work is basically all the manufacturing in the 

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Spezialität: P4 - Fertigung, Leitung und Allgemeines

Bildungsstufen (alle) Bachelor

Ort : Vereinigtes Königreich, Europa, Aztec West

Beschäftigungsniveau: Non cadre

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