Unique cybersecurity expertise in the protection of critical assets

Framatome Cybersecurity is our commitment to make our customers more robust and resilient in the field of cybersecurity, and operational technology.

Thanks to its unique experience in information systems, industrial systems and energy facilities, Framatome develops sovereign solutions for the nuclear industry, other critical industries (energy, defense, transportation) and public administrations.

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Framatome’s specialized entities offer proven solutions for:

  • audit, compliance, hardening & field services
  • IT & OT vulnerability management
  • OT cybersecurity Maintenance
  • design & integration of hardened industrial computing.

Our solutions meet the challenges of obsolescence-prone environments and sovereignty requirements.

Cybersecurity: a key component of nuclear safety

Our teams address the major challenges facing electrical utilities today: optimizing the availability and competitiveness of their facilities, while strengthening nuclear safety conditions. They strive to improve operational excellence to boost their performance and find pragmatic solutions to the challenges faced in the field. Present at nearly two-thirds of the world’s nuclear plants, Framatome has the capability to mobilize its most experienced people worldwide.

Our offer is based on the expertise of our entities in I&C and Installed Base. Together, Framatome provides a unique experience in the definition and implementation of cybersecurity programs for nuclear and non-nuclear infrastructures.

Acquisitions and partnerships to stenghten our cybersecurity offer

For over a decade, Framatome has helped utility customers around the world prepare and implement their cybersecurity programs. Framatome also supports leading industrial companies in energy, transportation, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and oil and gas.

We are extending the scope of our activities to consolidate our growth and offering our customers a wider choice of cybersecurity services which respond to needs to ensure the compliance and security of the industry’s data.

Bernard Fontana, CEO of Framatome.

Unique cybersecurity expertise in the management of critical assets

Framatome Cybersecurity offer is comprehensive and proven across multiple areas of activity of our customers, enabling critical industries to address issues of sovereignty. Today, we stand for:

  • A designer of critical operational technologies , including cybersecurity “by design”: we have more than 10 years of experience in critical digital systems and regulatory compliance worldwide.
  • A reliable maintainer of critical assets: we offer unique experience in the implementation and maintenance of cybersecurity programs in NRC, ISO, IEC and LPM regulatory environments.
  • An integrator of cybersecurity technologies: robust and secure solutions are integrated to ensure the uninterrupted operation of assets in existing infrastructures, organizations and operations.
  • Consultants and auditors of critical services: qualified professionals are mobilized to raise industry awareness of cybersecurity risks.
  • Independent and sovereign expert: We propose a single-responsibility review and offer global expertise on issues of national independence and sovereignty.


Framatome is a member of various professional organizations and working groups specialized in the cybersecurity of industrial systems, such as CLUSIF and GIMELEC. Also, through the participation of the EDF Group, Framatome is a member of the Cyber Campus.

Framatome is recognized by the Cyber Security Observatory as one of the 20 major ICS/OT players for industrial cybersecurity applications worldwide.