Deliver a culture of excellence, based on values that are at the root of our behavior

Instrumentation du système de sûreté

Instrumentation of the seismic detection safety system in the space between the building enclosure. © EDF, Alexis Morin

Instrumentation of the seismic detection safety system in the space between the building enclosure. © EDF, Alexis Morin

Our identity is based on five major values. They guide our actions and determine how we work with our customers, our partners and our staff.

These core values are expressed in our behaviors. They are omnipresent.

By living them every day, and making nuclear and industrial safety central to our actions, we create added value for our customers and establish a culture of excellence.

Power on Together. For the future of clean energy

We prioritize  our employees well-being at work, and nuclear and industrial safety for everyone

Framatome values

Nuclear and industrial safety come first

Our aim for safety at work is zero accidents.
Preserving the health of our employees and subcontractors is an absolute and non-negotiable priority. These values illustrate the foundations of our industry. They guarantee the future of Framatome and the nuclear industry.

In our industry, nuclear and industrial safety are, and must remain, absolutely non-negotiable.


We focus on the long term outlook In every aspect of our activities. Nuclear safety and customer relations are always at the forefront of our actions. Our success depends on our ability to innovate, progress and succeed, now and in the future.


In everything we do, we aim for excellence. We recognize and exploit successes and fulfil our commitments to our stakeholders. The quality of our work, in compliance with safety requirements, offers our customers a high level of added value.


To show integrity is to show sincerity. We endorseit in our day-to-day behaviors that are based on respect, honesty, good conduct and transparency toward all of our stakeholders. We are fully aware of our responsibility as a global industrial leader, and comply with the highest regulations and standards to act in the interests of our staff, our customers and the general public.


Passion is a testimony of our engagement and dedication in what we are doing. It’s an indicator of each person’s commitment and well-being and it inspires us to approach challenges with creativity and with optimism. With passion, we seek the best and commit to it.