Imagining, designing, maintaining and optimizing nuclear reactors

Flamanville 3 EPR construction site

Flamanville 3 EPR construction site © EDF, Alexis Morin

Flamanville 3 EPR construction site © EDF, Alexis Morin

Framatome conducts activities in Nuclear Steam Supply System design, supply, construction, maintenance and modernization, associated services (maintenance and IT security), as well as fuel design and fabrication. Our activities cover power reactors, research reactors and naval propulsion reactors.

Nuclear design and engineering

Framatome has a wealth of expertise in the design and engineering of all types of reactors (PWR, BWR, VVER, CANDU and many others). Our engineers are specialized in the design of the primary equipment that makes up nuclear steam supply systems. They also perform work in other areas of expertise such as metallurgy, mechanics, neutronics, scientific calculation, fluid mechanics and risk and nuclear safety analyses.

Component manufacturing

Framatome manufactures the key elements of the nuclear steam supply system. This includes heavy equipment (reactor pressure vessels, steam generators, etc.) and mobile components (reactor coolant pumps, control rod drive mechanisms, etc.). These components are used to equip new-build power plants or to replace equipment at power plants in operation.

Maintenance and associated services

Our company provides maintenance and engineering services to both existing nuclear facilities and those under construction. We offer our customers products, services and solutions to improve the availability and competitiveness of their facilities across the world, while strengthening nuclear safety conditions.

Instrumentation & Control

The I&C system is the “brain” of the plant. Our solutions offer our customers increased safety, higher performance and greater flexibility over the long term.

Fuel design and fabrication

Our teams master cutting-edge technologies vital for nuclear power generation. Framatome designs, develops and manufactures fuel assemblies for pressurized water reactors (PWRs), boiling water reactors (BWRs), research reactors and the next generation of nuclear plants including small modular and advanced reactors.

Commissioning and licensing

For more than 60 years, Framatome draws on its international expertise to assists customers in licensing new power plants and connecting them to the grid.

Advanced reactors

Framatome provides unique expertise in the design and development of the technological building blocks of advanced reactors, research reactors, naval propulsion reactors and small modular reactors.

Cybersecurity and digital solutions

Framatome offers a wide range of digital services, covering the cybersecurity of critical industries, the robotization of activities in hostile environments, and remote monitoring and control, training and more.

Technical centers

With its technical centers, Framatome provides a unique bridge between research and industrial applications. Full-scale “laboratories” allow our customers to test and improve their systems. This know-how helps to improve the safety and security of the world’s nuclear plants.

Centers of excellence

Framatome is intent on staying ahead of the industry when it comes to developing expertise in highly complex operations. Established Centers of Excellence provide training programs and tools to ensure engineers remain one step ahead of the increasingly demanding requirements for new builds and operating plant performance. Framatome has a center of excellence in robotics, welding, mechanical calculations and a design school for nuclear reactors.