Digital solutions for constrained environments

Digital control room

Digital control room © EDF, Denis Allard, REA

Digital control room © EDF, Denis Allard, REA

Framatome develops digital solutions to secure and simplify the design and operation of highly critical systems.

Deployed in constrained environments, our digital solutions address practical industrial issues.

Our goal is to help our customers improve their industrial performance.

Our vision: open the way for the digitization of critical industries

The digital transformation of nuclear activities, and of those of other critical industries, is our main concern. Thanks to reliable and proven solutions, we allow new levels of performance, safety and competitiveness to be reached in these activities.

Our mission: to deliver performance, safety and efficiency

The digital solutions and services we offer help to:

  • Reduce maintenance and engineering costs
  • Protect and monitor facilities
  • Increase customer revenues and efficiency
  • Optimize the service life of assets
  • Capitalize on the customer’s know-how

We are present at all stages in the life cycle of the most sensitive assets: from design through to installation, operations, maintenance and decommissioning. We are committed to the performance of our customers over the long term.

€ 50M
of investment in the
development of digital

> 450
critical industrial assets
for which we monitor
software and hardware updates

of production gained
through forward planning
of maintenance actions
using predictive models

An overview of our solutions

Industrial cybersecurity solutions

Protect and monitor your critical industrial facilities by relying on our solutions and our comprehensive experience in industrial, regulatory and cybersecurity-related issues.

Augmented engineering solutions

Keep your engineering costs under control when designing complex systems, by anticipating risks as early as possible and relying on our proven industrial engineering capacity.

Solutions for the digital supervision of operations

Optimize and secure your operations with our instrumentation and control solutions and our artificial intelligence technologies providing assistance in the supervisory control and running of operations.

Solutions for the management of critical assets

Monitor the performance of your equipment, optimize their availability and their service life, and schedule maintenance operations.

Solutions for the augmented operator

Boost the productivity of your teams in the field, ensure their safety,and protect and transfer your industrial know-how.

Video: VCALL, a remote manufacturing inspection service

This video is a presentation of the VCALL solution: a Framatome’s remote inspection and expertise solution.

What is shown and says:

VCALL is a digital solution that allows remote inspections and expertise under the same conditions as in the field via a camera connected in the field and an inspector who supervises remote operations with the operator.

The camera can be used to finely control welds on materials and the retransmission is done from the workshop (possible in 4G/5G).
The exchanges are secure, encrypted from end to end and the hosting is private and sovereign.

VCALL platform is easy to access and does not require pre-installation. The sessions are password-protected for the inspector and remote expert. The interface allows multi-camera and multi-participant connections.

The camera gives an overview and detail. It is equipped with an HD camera and a powerful zoom. It can easily be controlled remotely using a smartphone (turn the camera up, down or left to right). The camera controls the welds. It is able to film a marking on a component.

A mobile camera (smartphone camera for example) can complete the system to be as close as possible to the operation.

To facilitate the document review, a document reader can scan the content and share it on the screen.

Secure and easy to use, VCALL is Framatome’s remote inspection and expertise solution.