Instrumentation & Control

The brain of the nuclear power plant

The instrumentation and control business unit of Framatome provides its customers a single source for plant automation and instrumentation systems from upgrades and modernization to new construction projects.

Its solutions range from safety automation systems to automation systems for normal operation, from nuclear instrumentation to lifecycle solutions, from simulators and global I&C engineering expertise to Human-Machine Interface Design and Human Factors Engineering. They offer our customers increased safety, higher performance and greater flexibility over the long term.

The Instrumentation & Control Business Unit’s portfolio includes :

  • Automation solutions
  • Nuclear instrumentation
  • Lifecycle solutions
  • Simulation
  • I&C architectures and engineering
  • I&C for rod control

Framatome has installed 300+ comprehensive Instrumentation & Control systems in nuclear reactors of all types across the world.


Automation solutions

Our platforms for safety and non-safety applications are operating reliably since decades in all reactor designs. They comprise all the necessary hardware and software components, including the software tools required for engineering, testing and commissioning, operation and troubleshooting. Due to platform modularity small scale solutions as well as comprehensive safety systems can be designed.

Our automation solutions are used in more than 300 comprehensive applications in many different reactor designs worldwide.

Focus on our portfolio of automation solutions

Our portfolio includes well-known brands like TELEPERM XS, Tricon, Spinline and Foxboro DCS. In addition, we provide cost-effective solutions for stand-alone systems, e.g. HVAC, refueling machines, auxiliary systems and lifting devices.

Our non-computerized solutions, like SPEC 200, Unicorn and Hardline, are developed and delivered in accordance with the most stringent nuclear industry requirements. The modern analogue platforms benefit from the same long-term support concept as our digital platforms.

Nuclear instrumentation

Nuclear instrumentation systems measure and monitor the physical parameters of the reactor core.

We know nuclear technology inside out. That’s why we qualify our instrumentation solutions to operate under the harshest conditions. And of course, they are also designed and configured for compliance with the most stringent standards. Own manufacturing sites ensure a high quality standard and proximity to our customers.

Our movable and fixed in-core detector systems are individually designed solutions to support safe reactor operations with measurements from inside the core while our ex-core instrumentation systems deliver reliable data from outside the reactor pressure vessel.

Our complete solutions are used in more than 100 reactors worldwide.

Lifecycle solutions

A reliable long-term support of instrumentation and control systems is key for the safe and economic operation of nuclear power plants. Therefore, we keep a close eye on the entire life-cycle of instrumentation and control solutions.

Our specialists ensure long-term operation – with services that go far beyond the standard scope. From obsolescence management to reverse engineering – with us, your plant is in the best of hands for the long run.


Simulation technology today enables engineers in problem identification and corrective solutions validation from the earliest phase of the development cycle. By providing a virtual view of the dynamic behavior of complex systems in their full operating range and changing conditions, costly and time-consuming design revisions during design, construction and commissioning can be avoided.

With 190 new power plant full-scope simulators delivered over the last 25 years, CORYS brings to its customers a wealth of experience.

CORYS: a leading expert in nuclear simulation

A subsidiary jointly owned by Framatome (50% stake), EDF (25% stake) and IFP Training (25% stake), CORYS has developed a complete simulation environment for creating simulation solutions to support the design stages of a reactor, up to the completion of a full-scale simulator for training nuclear power plant operators.

More than 190 power plant simulators have been delivered in the world.

I&C architectures and engineering

With our comprehensive in-house engineering expertise covering the whole I&C engineering lifecycle system from feasibility studies through factory acceptance testing and commissioning users achieve optimum I&C systems performance.

Proven processes, incorporation of latest rules and standards and operations experience form the basis for successful project implementation. A complete set of capabilities for all architectural and engineering needs, global licensing and qualification know-how, unique integration engineering experience with third-party systems rests on profound nuclear power plant OEM know-how from many NPPs built worldwide.

Furthermore, cybersecurity and human factor engineering are today key tasks that are mastered for our digital systems and control room designs, respectively.

I&C for rod control

The rod control system is of utmost importance for the operation of a nuclear power plant. Operators today are experiencing an increase in costs and lost time due to obsolescence of both power and control components.

Our complete systems combine modern components, state-of-art logic and proven electronic rod drive control principles to provide enhanced reliability, higher availability and lower maintenance costs.

Our solutions are operating in pressurized water reactors, boiling water reactors and heavy water reactors worldwide.

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