When our customers call, we respond.  During one of our busiest outage seasons, a customer had an emergent seal issue. We immediately deployed a team of expert RCP Engineers and technicians to the plant.  Working together with the utility team, our engineers and advisors facilitated troubleshooting efforts to evaluate the cause of seal failure, while our RCP crew worked to install the new seals.  By looking ahead and anticipating challenges, the RCP team was able to finish 12 hours ahead of the baseline schedule. The utility and our RCP Teams worked closely to identify areas for parallel activities and as a result, were able to develop a schedule that ultimately helped to shorten the forced outage from 10 days breaker to breaker to 6.5 days.

We continued to assist our customer with engineering, technical and vibration support during plant start-up to ensure there were no issues and that the plant would have no problem running to the end of cycle. Our customer had this to say following our work at their plant.

“Framatome had a great performance during the forced RCP seal outage at the plant with no incidents or injuries. The team worked great with engineering attempting to find the cause of the seal failure. They had to work staggered shifts in order to do hot turnovers due to the work being critical path. The utility thanked Framatome for their performance, hard work and excellence during this forced outage.”

Utility RTE Outage Coordinator

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