Finding like-for-like replacements for electrical equipment can be tricky at times, impossible at others. The challenge is to keep an aging plant running safely and reliably. One utility faced the challenge of obsolete panelboards with extensive conduit and cabling.

Framatome developed a first-of-a-kind custom fit chassis that provides for an upgrade to current production molded case breakers while allowing for the re-use of the existing panelboard enclosure, as well as the existing wiring, for both floor-mounted and wall-mounted panelboards. A full replacement of the panelboards would have been very labor intensive and costly.

The initial phase of the project included design and qualification. In the second phase, 22 class 1E panelboards were delivered to the plant.

Our safety-related retrofit solution fit into the existing enclosures resulting in ease of installation, while reducing cost and risk. Retrofit panels are a cost-effective solution to address obsolete molded case circuit breaker components, loose connections and over-heating concerns.

When faced with obsolete panelboard issues, Framatome can assist you with a custom solution for a retrofit or complete panelboard replacement to upgrade the performance of your electrical systems to meet your current needs. Framatome’s innovations strengthen your existing fleet and advance the future of nuclear energy. By designing and delivering custom upgrade solutions, we make everything that was old new again. And when you install the new equipment, it fits like a glove.