Framatome Controls s.r.o., a wholly-owned Framatome subsidiary, was set up in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2006. Dr. Juraj Breza has been Managing Director since 2017. The company provides engineering services, system solutions, software support and related services for nuclear power plants across the world. Framatome Controls s.r.o. is part of the Instrumentation & Control Business Unit of Framatome.

Engineers from Framatome Controls s.r.o. are involved in preparing retrofit, upgrade and new build projects and focus mainly on software and hardware design for automation technology, electrical system design and support activities. In 2018, Framatome Controls s.r.o. supported its mother company in the implementation of some 18 projects including the three EPR construction projects underway in China (Taishan 1&2), France (Flamanville 3) and Finland (Olkiluoto 3), and the Mochovce 3&4 project in Slovakia.

Framatome Controls s.r.o. is regularly looking for engineers.