The entire fuel cycle

The Richland site is the fuel fabrication hub for Framatome in North America and a leading innovator in fuel design and manufacturing. The site produces uranium dioxide (UO2) powder, pellets, fuel rods, and fuel assemblies and specializes in designs for pressurized water reactors (PWR) and boiling water reactors (BWR). The site also includes state-of-the-art testing and component fabrication facilities.

  • 400,000 sq. feet site area
  • About 550 employees
  • More than 175 million pellets and almost 4,500 fuel assemblies over the last two years
  • Fabricates fuel that produces approximately 5 percent of the utility-generated electricity in the United States

For nearly half a century, a diverse team of experts covering the entire nuclear fuel cycle have worked at Framatome's Richland site in Washington State. The site continues to modernize its production lines and upgrade its facilities, including the latest modification of new fuel rod and welding plug loading processes. The site has also implemented a new fuel rod loading system that uses low-frequency vibrations that guide fuel rod insertion, preventing damage to the pellets during loading.

The Richland site is equipped to handle uranium recovery and recycling. It is licensed by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission until 2049.

Products manufactured at the Richland site

• UO2 powder

• BWR Fuel: ATRIUM 10, ATRIUM 10XM, ATRIUM 11, BWR 9x9

• PWR Fuel: GAIA; CE HTP 14x14, 15x15, 16x16; B&W 15x15, 17x17; Westinghouse 15x15, 17x17

• Gadolinium pellets

• Burnable poison pellets (BPP)

• Control assemblies

• Upper and lower tie plates

• Debris filters


Framatome Inc

2101 Horn Rapids Road

Richland, WA 99354

+1 509 375-8100