September 01, 2017

Sweden: AREVA NP refocuses its local presence on core nuclear activities in the Nordic market

AREVA NP restructures its activities in Sweden and focuses on a regional sales and project office dedicated to its nuclear activities in the Nordic market.

On September 1st, AREVA NP’s Swedish subsidiary AREVA NP Uddcomb AB assets have been divested and most of the employees joined Saab Kockums AB.

A core team will remain with AREVA NP to develop further market opportunities, complete on-going projects and fulfill existing warranties from former projects, if needed.

“With 40% of the Swedish reactors stopping operations between 2013 and 2020, consolidation of the nuclear services suppliers became necessary in Sweden. We decided to divest the activities of Uddcomb AB as its activities concentrated increasingly on the non-nuclear market and therefore were no longer fitting into the nuclear business scope of the company”, said Ulf Strindloev, Managing Director for Uddcomb AB. “AREVA NP keeps its presence in Sweden and maintains its strong commitment to the Nordic nuclear market. When joining Saab Kockums AB, we also open a new long term perspective for our employees at the existing sites in Helsingborg and Karlskrona.”

Uddcomb AB and Saab Kockums AB have cooperated since many years in specific projects. Both companies operate facilities at the same site in Karlskrona, owned by Saab Kockums AB and rented out partly to Uddcomb AB.

Before the divestiture, Uddcomb AB employed 76 people in Karlskrona and Helsingborg and had sales of approximately 11 million Euros in 2016.

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