Framatome in Belgium

framatome en Belgique

Framatome Belgium is an engineering center of excellence there to support the European nuclear industry.

Having long been involved in nuclear research and power generation programs with its Belgian customers, Framatome has strengthened its European engineering capabilities with the creation in 2022 of a competence center in Brussels to support its projects in the fields of new build, life extensions and decommissioning for nuclear facilities throughout Europe.

Comprehensive expertise for the European nuclear industry

Framatome’s activities focus on five main areas: Nuclear power plant design, Nuclear Steam Supply Systems, Fuel and components design and manufacturing, I&C systems integration as well as Operations and maintenance of all types of nuclear reactors. The teams of experts at Framatome Belgium are called upon to support European projects and worksites conducted by Framatome.
Framatome Belgium’s experts are involved in an array of projects covering:

  • design,
  • commissioning,
  • operation,
  • maintenance,
  • equipment modifications,
  • dismantling.

In order to carry out its missions, whether on site or from its European skills centers, Framatome Belgium can draw on a wide range of technical disciplines in engineering (mechanics, thermal hydraulics, control command/instrumentation, HVAC, nuclear safety, neutronics, robotization, cybersecurity, etc.) and project management (project manager, planner, etc.).

A developing subsidiary with career opportunities devoted to low-carbon electricity

Framatome Belgium offers real career opportunities for people who want to be part of a forward-looking nuclear industry.

Working within a close-knit, human-scale team, you’ll have a broad perspective across the full scope of Framatome entities.
The sharing of knowledge between different team members is a major source of collective enrichment. Technical expertise in fields such as mechanics, thermal hydraulics and neutronics is particularly favored. Expansion of the team’s skills is underway into other disciplines, such as instrumentation and control, and welding.

Join us, Your passion is our power!

Framatome Belgium
Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 7
1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode