Care & Maintenace Project Manager

Reference 2024-15190

Non fixed term

Hinkley Point C, Bridgwater



Your missions

In the framework of the HPC Project, Framatome is in charge of the supply and installation of Primary equipment (reactor pressure vessel, reactor pressure vessel internals, main coolant lines, main coolant pumps, pressuriser, surge line, steam generators) and associated systems and tools. 
Framatome is responsible on HPC site of the Care & Maintenance of all its equipment from the delivery to the handover to NNB, during: 
Storage (on site or close to site) 
Care & Maintenance can be defined as the identification and execution of all examination, inspection, maintenance and testing activities required to ensure that systems, structures and components are handed over in expected condition and are fit to be taken into service on a nuclear power station. 
The Care & Maintenance Manager is in charge of the organisation and supervision of the Care & Maintenance activities on HPC site. 


Main Responsibilities: 

Ensure the Care & Maintenance schedules for all Materials items are upheld by competent and qualified personnel, including accountability for all supporting tasks and actions. 
Ensure Care & Maintenance is performed in compliance with plant item Sub-Contractors and Framatome procedures and recommendations. 
Ensure compliance with NNB standards and regulatory requirements.
Ensure the storage/environment conditions are met (location and packaging) and take action to maintain those conditions (improve location, add protection, launch repacking). 
Ensure the necessary tools and systems are in place to plan, undertake and record all Care & Maintenance activities.
Ensure all deviations are reported, recorded, and corrective actions are completed.
Revise the Care & Maintenance organisation procedure as required.


You are

Excellent leadership and communication skills with the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

Taking initiatives, autonomy 
Team orientated.
Customer orientated. 
Results driven: Ability to persist in the face of challenges to meet deadlines with high standards.
Language: English, French is a plus 

Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering 
Experience working in mechanical construction area or industry, ideally in an international or large project context. 
Additional information: 
Travel to storage locations in Bridgwater and Bristol areas, Driving Licence is essential. 
Working hours: Monday to Friday normal day shift, overtime and/or weekend work required.

Additional information

Specialization: G1 - Project Management

Level of education (all) Bachelor

Place: United Kingdom, Bridgwater, Hinkley Point C

Employment level: Non cadre

Position under administrative investigation: Oui

Item authorizing the screening of narcotics for the prevention of addictions: Oui