Our organization evolves.

From an engineering department to an international company





April 1, 2021

Framatome acquires Evopro nuclear and process automation and launches new subsidiary, Framatome Kft, located in Budapest, Hungary.



October 1, 2019



Framatome expands cybersecurity offerings with acquisition of FoxGuard Solutions.


September 7, 2019

Framatome welcomes the commercial start-up of the second EPR reactor: Taishan Unit 2.


July 10, 2019



Framatome joined forces with Bruce Power and Kinectrics to develop and deliver medical isotopes that scans and treats cancer.


December 13, 2018

Taishan 1: The first EPR in the world enters commercial operations.


February 28, 2018



Framatome completes purchase of Schneider Electric’s instrumentation and control nuclear business.


January 4, 2018


New NP, a subsidiary of AREVA NP, becomes Framatome and pursues the industrial and technological adventure of the nuclear energy business.

Framatome confirms its recognized manufacturer’s ambition: being the supplier of safe and competitive nuclear solutions, supporting its electrical utility customers all over the world.




December 31, 2017



Closure of the sale of capital in New NP to EDF, which becomes the majority shareholder in the company with 75.5 % of the shares, and to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Assystem, with shareholdings of 19.5 % and 5 % respectively.


November 15, 2017

Lightbridge and AREVA NP sign binding agreement for U.S. Joint Venture for Advanced Nuclear Fuel.

November 2016

AREVA and EDF signed on 15 November the contract setting the terms of the sale of an interest conferring exclusive control by EDF of an entity (“NEW NP”), a 100% subsidiary of AREVA NP, that will combine AREVA Group’s activities relating to design and equipments’ manufacturing of nuclear reactor and, fuel design and assemblies manufacturing and services to reactors.

September 2016

AREVA sign contracts with EDF and Nuclear New Builds Generation Company (NNB *) for the construction of two EPRs reactors at the Hinkley Point site in the United Kingdom. AREVA NP will also design, supply, install and commission the plant’s operational and safety instrumentation and control system and will manufacture fuel to power the two reactors.

NNB* is a joint venture between the EDF group and the Chinese group CGNC (China General Nuclear Corporation).

July 2015 AREVA and EDF sign a memorandum of understanding for EDF to acquire between 51 and 75% of the capital of AREVA NP.  

Siemens announces withdrawal from the capital of AREVA NP and transfers its 34% stake in AREVA NP to AREVA for € 1.62 billion. AREVA NP therefore became 100% owned by AREVA.


AREVA NP and TNPJVC* sign a contract for the construction of two EPR reactors at the Taishan site in China.

*TNPJVC (Taishan Nuclear Power Company) is a joint venture, owned by CGNPC (China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Corp. Ltd.) (70%) and EDF (30%), created in 2009.


AREVA NP and EDF sign contract for the construction of an EPR reactor at the Flamanville site, in France.

2006 Framatome ANP renamed AREVA NP. The company is specialized at this time in nuclear steam supply systems (NSSS) and the supply of fuel assemblies and services to reactors.  

AREVA NP acquires Sfarsteel, manufacturer of large forged parts, from FRANCE ESSOR.

2003 The Finnish utility TVO (Telliosuuden Voima Oy) and a consortium comprising Framatome ANP and Siemens Power Generation sign a contract for the turn-key construction of the first EPR reactor, to be built at the Olkiluoto site in Southern Finland.

The subsidiary of the CEA (the French atomic energy commission), CEA Industrie, is merged with Framatome and Cogema to form the AREVA group.

2001 Merger of the nuclear activities of Framatome and Siemens into a new company called Framatome ANP (Advanced Nuclear Power), 66% owned by Framatome and 34% by Siemens.  

Framatome acquires Jeumont-Schneider Industrie from Schneider et Cie.

1992 Change of main shareholder in Framatome, 42% now being held by Alcatel-Alsthom and 36% by the CEA, the other two shareholders being EDF and Crédit Lyonnais.  
1989 Framatome and Siemens create a joint company called Nuclear Power International (NPI). Its main purpose is to develop the EPR, a Generation III+ reactor which complies with both French and German nuclear regulations.  
1989 Framatome acquires BWNT in the United States.  
1976 Creation of SOFINEL (Société française d'ingénierie électronucléaire et d'assistance à l'exportation), a subsidiary of EDF and Framatome devoted to developing NPP construction business overseas: Koeberg in South Africa (1976), Ulchin in South Korea (1983), Daya Bay and Ling-Ao in Chine (1987 and 1995).  
1975 Framatome is selected as sole manufacturer of nuclear power plants in France. Over a 25 year period, EDF is equipped with 58 pressurized water reactors.  
1958 Creation of Framatome (Franco-Américaine de Constructions Atomiques) by Schneider, Merlin Gerin and Westinghouse Electric for the purpose of exploiting Westinghouse licensed technology in the field of pressurized water reactors.