Works on qualification, innovation and day-to-day solutions

Technical Center serves as the bridge from basic research to industrial application with main focus on basic technologies organized in the four technology lines:

  • materails, corrosion, welding 
  • chemistry and radiochemistry 
  • qualification of components 
  • thermal hydraulic testing and systems and components testing

The large variety of skills enables the Technical Center to provide "long term" programs or to solve in short term complicated issues with its root cause analysis teams. Customers from all over the world use the Technical center - for example, the world’s largest valve test facility in Karlstein (Germany), up-to-date corrosion test loops in Le Creusot (France) and the 3-axial shake table in Lynchburg (United States).

The Technical Center continuously enhances its testing facilities and laboratory equipment and demonstrates the willingness to reliably support customers and the industry with its unique capabilities.

Framatome operates in its own and often worldwide unique research and testing facilities and laboratories Technical Center in France (Chalon, le Creusot), Germany (Erlangen, Karlstein) and the United States (Lynchburg) .

Highly skilled researchers, experts and technicians are working with this equipment

  • on the development of methods and tools for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of nuclear power plants
  • on the qualification of components for nuclear applications
  • on comprehensive services providing solutions for day-to-day

Technical Center providing a comprehensive scope of laboratory services and key technologies

These technologies support nuclear power plants from new build phase and during the complete lifetime.
When anomalies are detected, the cause is quickly identified and preventive or corrective measures are defined.

Those competencies are particularly important regarding plant availability and lifetime management as well as for improving reactor safety.

Comprehensive Service

  • Chemistry
  • Radiochemistry

Concentrated Materials Expertise

  • Materials
  • Corrosion
  • Welding

Qualification and Commercial Grade Dedication

  • Equipment qualification
  • Commercial grade dedication

Worldwide Unique Thermo-Hydraulic Platform

  • Thermo-hydraulics
  • Component qualification
  • Component testing