Framatome in Canada

The Framatome site in Canada is a major service and research provider for the CANDU market in Canada and internationally.

Framatome Canada is a major provider of services and engineering for the Canadian and global CANDU market. Framatome has been an invested partner in delivering carbon-free energy to Canada’s power grid for generations, with a broad and proven portfolio of refurbishment experience and solutions for life extension success. Our unique access to global experts and innovative technology allows us to provide the Canadian marketplace with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services under one umbrella.

Framatome Canada is proud to join with Kinectrics in creating Isogen, a joint venture dedicated to the production of medical isotopes used for a variety of lifesaving treatments and diagnoses, advancing the fight against cancer and other diseases worldwide.

Fast facts:

  • 140 employees
  • 3 Framatome locations

Main sites

  • Pickering, Ontario, Framatome Canada Headquarters
  • Kincardine, Ontario
  • Montreal, Québec

Contact us

Framatome Canada Ltd.
925 Brock Road
Ontario L1W 2X9
Phone: 905-421-2600

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