Framatome Hungary

Framatome in Hungary

Framatome Kft. serves customers in the Hungarian civil nuclear and process automation markets.

The teams of experts specialize in engineering services for safety and non-safety control systems for civil nuclear power plants and research reactors; process automation systems for the chemical, pulp and paper industries; and energy automation in the automotive and other large manufacturing industries

Located in Budapest, Hungary, Framatome Kft. is backed by the global resources and innovative solutions that distinguishes Framatome as a high-performing industry supplier. While this office serves customers around the world, it has special focus on the new VVER nuclear units under construction in central Hungary.

Framatome’s expansion into Hungary enriches its offering and accessibility for customers in Eastern Europe, further helping them achieve their safety and commercial objectives. Framatome offers unmatched expertise and experience as a leading designer and supplier of I&C systems for the global nuclear power plant and research reactor fleet, and process and energy automation systems for other industries.

Our activities in Hungary

  • Nuclear I&C
    Extensive experience in the field of I&C systems for nuclear power plants and nuclear research & development facilities, from delivery of initial studies and functional specifications, all the way to turn-key projects
  • Large Physics Facilities
    Technical experts and significant experience creating data acquisition, monitoring and control systems for research institutions
  • Process Automation
    Long-term experience in the delivery of new distributed control systems, and upgrades of existing systems, from system design to delivery of turn-key projects for numerous industries, e.g. energy, chemical, food & beverage, cement, paper, tire, etc.
  • Energy Automation
    Complete energy automation solutions, energy management systems and related services for various industries


Framatome Kft
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