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Framatome in Germany bundles comprehensive engineering and design competencies

Servicing nuclear energy and other high-tech industries worldwide

Through its expertise in safety upgrades, maintenance and modernization of all nuclear power plant designs, Framatome plays a significant role in providing safe, reliable and efficient operations worldwide.

Operating from four unique sites in Germany, Framatome employees design and manufacture fuel assemblies, electrical and safety instrumentation and control systems, and specialize in dismantling and decommissioning services for the nuclear industry.

Framatome also contributes to the clean energy transition through the expertise of its Germany colleagues. These teams are leading the development of hydrogen fueling stations and energy storage solutions to meet the increasing use of renewable energies for low-carbon transportation and temporary storage of electricity.

Framatome in Germany is comprised of Framatome GmbH and its subsidiary Advanced Nuclear Fuels GmbH. Its research and testing capabilities extend to non-nuclear customers, such as the rail, automotive and chemistry industries, and research facilities located all over the world.


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