5 Av. Maréchal Leclerc
21500 Montbard

Etablissement de Framatome à Montbard

Etablissement de Framatome à Montbard

Etablissement de Framatome à Montbard

World leader in manufacturing stainless steels and nickel alloys seamless tubes for nuclear and defense industries.

Framatome Montbard plant has produced more than 500 steam generator tube bundles for 130 nuclear power plants worldwide since 1974. Thanks to this experience, the factory can meet the most demanding specifications and provide solution for any type of design.

The facility is also manufacturing tubes for different types of heat exchangers of active or passive safety systems of nuclear power plants and working on solutions for Gen IV nuclear power plants as well as for Small Modular Reactor (SMR) programs.

Its 95,000 m² workshops area is located in Montbard, in the Burgundy region in France, a region that concentrates a strong expertise in mechanical industry for nuclear, including several factories of Framatome.

Main stages of the manufacturing process

The plant processes hot extrusion tubes, that it is supplied with. The processing operations implemented on site include: cold rolling, degreasing, heat treatment, dressing, non-destructive testing, bending, finishing and testing.

Most of its production is intended for final customers outside Framatome.

Two autonomous production units

The first production unit performs the first cold rolling, heat treatment and degreasing operations.

The second production unit performs a second cold rolling and heat treatment operation. Finishing and control operations (dressing, CND controls, vacuum heat treatment, bending, internal control through probes) are also carried out here as well as final products packing and shipping.

Video: Presentation of the Framatome site in Montbard

This video presents the industrial activities of the Framatome Montbard site, as well as its trades.

The Montbard facility specializes in the manufacture of seamless stainless steel and nickel alloy tubes primarily for steam generators in the nuclear and defence sectors.

The factory is recognized worldwide as a center of excellence in the manufacture of these products.

Products manufactured by the plant

Tubes for steam generators (6 to 25mm in diameter, 0.4 to 4mm thick and up to 28m in length).

Tubes bending in U, C, helical, 3D…

Adapter cuffs and cluster mechanism (PEN)

Tubes for defense and various heat exchangers