Contract & Commercial Officer

Reference 2023-15100

Non fixed term

Hinkley Point C, Bridgwater



Your missions

The Site Contract & Commercial Officer will take responsibility for commercial discussions regarding site activities with the customer, in close coordination with Paris C&C team.

Responsible for contractual activities linked to site matters, among other coordinating Early Warnings and General communications, in close coordination with Paris C&C team.

Facilitating daily interfaces between HPC (the Client) on site and Framatome Project Team.


Key Responsibilities

Commercial topics

Coordinate with HPC to clarify Variation Requests (VAR) and Variation Proposals (VP)

Ensure communication with HPC (respectively Framatome)

When required, setup dedicated data room

Prepare and attend the Change & Opportunity Meetings

Coordinate the Early Warnings management

Set-up and attend the Risk Reduction Meetings (RRM), and draft the related Minutes of Meeting

Follow-up the overall progress (from Early Warning’s creation to closing, including actions resulting from Risks Mitigation Meetings)

Liaise with HPC to progress and clarify actions expected by HPC, and communicate to Framatome

Respectively, liaise with Framatome to progress and clarify actions expected by Framatome, and communicate to HPC

Prepare and lead the weekly meetings within Framatome

Prepare and lead the weekly meetings between HPC and Framatome

Prepare the monthly monitoring and related analyses

General Communications (GCs) issued by HPC

Where relevant, draft answers for Framatome Pilots’ validation

Attend the weekly progress meetings with HPC

Support the Contract Team based in La Défense

Manage any specific work delegated by the Framatome Contract Team in La Défense

Attend the monthly CCM (Contract and Commercial Meetings) between HPC and Framatome

Expedite, coordinate or lead actions raised in the monthly CCM

Coordinate transverse topics

Ensure a smooth and effective communication between the respective CCM Teams (HPC and Framatome)

Collect any request from HPC related to Contract/Commercial, clarifies them where required and systematically transmits the requests to the corresponding Framatome Manager in France or in UK

Define with point(s) of contract in France or in UK the way and the timeframe to respond to HPC: preparation of the answer, internal validation before sending to HPC, presentation to HPC, additional clarifications (in any)

Collect any request from Framatome related to Contract/Commercial, clarifies them where required, transmits and explains the requests to the appropriate HPC members

You are

Extensive experience in a similar role, ideally in Large Projects

Excellent communication skills

Results orientation, reliable, analytical capabilities, sense of synthesis

Customer orientation

English level: High-Elementary (Bright Test reference) at minimum

Computer literate: standard Microsoft package

Additional information

Specialization: C3 - Specialized communication

Level of education (all) Bachelor

Place: United Kingdom, Bridgwater, Hinkley Point C

Travel: No

Employment level: Non cadre

Position under administrative investigation: Oui

Item authorizing the screening of narcotics for the prevention of addictions: Oui