Our name may have changed, but the faces are still the same.

As a leading supplier of nuclear energy technology in North America, Framatome and our employees bring powerful performance, integrity and passion for achieving excellence to all that we do. That includes supporting our neighbors and communities surrounding Framatome and customer facilities all across North America. We place a high value on being a good corporate citizen, and our employees – the heart of our business – enthusiastically demonstrate that citizenship every year.

Framatome and its predecessor organizations have been serving the nuclear energy industry in North America since the 1950s and have been strong supporters of the communities in which we live and work. Our employees are committed to making the community a better place to live. Thriving communities attract and retain highly-skilled and talented employees that are the heart of our company.

We believe that we have a social responsibility to be active members in our communities, cultivating relationships and partnerships to enhance the lives of our employees and the people around us. We are committed to supporting charitable organizations and advancing education through year-round initiatives and activities. Being socially responsible means doing what we can to improve quality of life for neighbors and ourselves.

Our giving philosophy

Framatome supports a wide range of non-profit and charitable organizations surrounding our three main U.S. locations in Charlotte, N.C., Lynchburg, Va., and Richland, Wash., and six remote offices in the U.S. and two offices in Canada. The strategy to support programs and organizations focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education guides our corporate giving. Today’s students are our future workforce and clean energy advocates who will solve tomorrow’s energy challenges. In addition to monetary contributions to schools, STEM academies and programs, colleges and universities, our employees eagerly participate in classroom visits and career days as speakers, and as hosts for student and community groups who tour our facilities.

Other key components of our corporate giving strategy include assistance and resources for our neighbors in crisis. Safe housing, food, health care, afterschool programs and research for cures of debilitating diseases are just a few of the focus areas for our health and human services contributions. In the past years, our employees have served by putting together “Bikes for Tykes” and cleaning up trails and playgrounds, while others cooked meals or led fundraising efforts to support medical research.

Framatome's monetary gifts and volunteers also supported civic, cultural and environmental initiatives like local theatre, adopt-a-stream projects, local fire and rescue squads, the National D-Day Memorial and a variety of veterans’ assistance and recognition programs.