Taishan 1 & 2

Construction of the Taishan 1&2 EPR reactors in China's Guangdong province is a landmark in AREVA's history.

It is not only the most important commercial contract signed by the French nuclear industry but quite simply the largest civil nuclear agreement in history. It confirms AREVA as the world's nuclear leader and gives AREVA NP an even stronger foothold in China, one of the most promising markets.

A global agreement was signed with TNPJVC, a joint venture between CGNPC (70%) and EDF (30%). It encompasses actually four contracts:

  • Nuclear island (NI)
  • engineering and procurement
  • fuel cores supply
  • the related technological transfers

Construction work began in 2009, gathering more than 1,400 Framatome employees.

Fast facts

  • Location: Taishan, Guangdong Province, China
  • Customer: Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Company (TNPJVC), representing the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Corp. Ltd (CGNPC)
  • Scope: 2 EPR units plus operating materials and services, including fuel and enriched uranium for 15 years
  • Net electrical output: 1,660 MWe
  • Thermal output: 4,590 MWth
  • Annual electrical generation: 13 TWh


 Among the suppliers of the major equipments there are:

Unit 1

• Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan) for the reactor pressure vessel (RPV)

• Framatome Chalon/Saint-Marcel (France) for the steam generators and the pressurizer

• Framatome Creusot Forge and Nordon (France) for the main coolant lines

•Framatome Jeumont Solutions for Pumps and Mechanisms (JSPM) for the reactor coolant pumps and the control rod drive mechanisms (CRDM)

• DEC* (China) for the heavy component supports

Unit 2

• DEC* (China) for the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) and two steam generators

• SEC** (China) for the two other steam generators

• Framatome Creusot Forge and Nordon (France) for the main coolant lines

• Nordon for the control rod drive mechanisms (CRDM)

• DEC* (China) for the heavy component supports

Instrumentation & Control (I&C)

• Electromechanical systems: Framatome-Siemens

Site work

• CGNPC with Dongfang-Alstom consortium for the turbine (conventional island)

• TNPJVC for the erection civil work of the nuclear island

* Dongfang Electric Corporation ltd - ** Shanghai Electrical Corporation


July 2009Construction starting
October 2009Unit 1 first concrete pouring
April 2010Unit 2 first concrete pouting
October 2011Unit 1 dome successfully installed
June 2012Introduction of the Reactor Pressure Vessel in Unit 1
September 2012Unit 2 dome successfully installed
Unit 1 installation of the first steam generator
December 2012Completion of the installation of the heavy components (reactor vessel, four steam generators and pressurizer)
Completion of the primary circuit welding of unit 1
February 2016Cold functional tests succesfully completed
April 2017Fuel delivered on site
April 2018 Fuel oading
June 2018 First criticality reached - Taishan 1 is the first EPR reactor to get started in the world