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Weld Engineering and Services

Qualified welding engineers and welders to assist you from engineering to execution

Framatome’s broad selection of welding systems and services provides the technology and skills to meet your most demanding materials management challenges. We have innovative, advanced technology and experience in the design, fabrication, inspection, and repair of nuclear power plant components and equipment — ranging from reactor vessels, steam generators, pressurizers, reactor coolant piping, supports and restraints to the smallest pressure boundary items. We offer complete services ranging from manual welding to remote-controlled operations for even the most challenging welding scenarios. Plus, our inventory of ASME Code safety filler metal and wide array of weld procedures and qualifications enables us to deploy rapidly and perform responsive, safe repairs in emergent situations.

Procedures and Processes for Your Specific Needs

Our welding procedures include various ambient temperature and conventional temper bead methods, pipe weld overlays, hyperbaric chamber GTAW and GTAW narrow groove welding. In addition, our diversified portfolio of ASME Section III/XI-qualified welding processes includes SMAW, manual and machine GTAW, PAW, GMAW and FCAW. Moreover, we hold “N,” “NA,” “NPT,” and “NS” ASME Certificates of Authorization and the “NR” National Board Certificate of Authorization. These certificates, combined with our knowledgeable and experienced personnel, ensure a better and more comprehensive working relationship with our customers, plus rapid and accurate solutions to repair and design modification challenges.

Weld Engineering Support

At Framatome, we are more than just processes and tooling. We retain a core group of qualified welders and a large staff of welding engineers with extensive field experience — all capable of assisting our customers during critical welding activities. We utilize industry experts in material science to provide a complete package from engineering to execution.

  • Procedure qualification development
  • Welder qualification
  • Expert code interpretation
  • Destructive evaluation metallurgical analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • A&C field engineering support
  • Fabrication oversight
  • SME root cause analysis
  • Materials selection expertise
  • Site weld engineering augmentation
  • Extensive background in 52 alloy weld metal development
  • Prototype testing
  • Craft training
  • Interface with all levels from work crew to management
  • Independent goal-oriented oversight


Craft Welders

Framatome also maintains a dedicated core group of high-quality weld leadership at all times, offering your plant:

  • Access to union and non-union resources with the highest capacity for excellence and performance
  • Top tier welders
  • Highly trained & qualified personnel
  • Elimination of customer reliance on untested, off-the-bench resources
  • Independent support to get projects back on track and schedule
  • Task ownership
  • Enhanced site support


Features & Benefits

  • All-in-one source saves time
  • Field-proven technology enhances reliability
  • Remote capabilities reduce costs, risk, time and dose
  • Full in-house engineering support augments your plant requirements
  • Machine or manual welding options tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Dedicated Technical Training Center for mockups, tool qualification and crew training
  • Licensed facility refurbishes or decontaminates specialized tooling
  • Full in-house NDE support 
  • Active members of various code and industry standard writing organizations


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