Lingen, ANF

Advanced Nuclear Fuels GmbH (siège social)
Am Seitenkanal 1
49811 Lingen
Tél : +49 591 9145 0

Framatome ANF in Ligen

The Framatome Lingen Center is the headquarters of Advanced Nuclear Fuels (ANF) GmbH, a subsidiary of Framatome GmbH.

As an integral contributor to the nuclear supply chain, ANF operators manufacture fuel rods and assemblies for all reactor models delivered to customers worldwide. They also supply components and raw materials for Framatome’s fuel fabrication plants in the US and Europe. In addition, operators around the world rely on Lingen for expert designs, manufactured fuel assembly machines and related services, critical to the operation of their supply chain.

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  • 400 employees

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Advanced Nuclear Fuels GmbH
Am Seitenkanal 1
49811 Lingen
+49 591 91450

Fabrication of VVER fuel

Background information on the license modification request for Advanced Nuclear Fuels to fabricate VVER fuel