Mount Athos Road, Lynchburg, Virginia

LynchBurg, motor pumps

Pump and Motor Service Center, Lynchburg

Pump and Motor Service Center, Lynchburg

Framatome Inc. Solutions Complex

A full-service testing and service center that helps customers and equipment manufacturers meet the ever-increasing safety requirements for nuclear electricity production, with the unique ability to package engineering and services to extend plant life and improve plant operations.

  • The Pump & Motor Service Center: This center provides repair, refurbishment and specialized resources to extend the life of critical plant components, including pumps, engines and seals.
  • Contaminated Refurbishment Center: Machining, welding and fabrication services address utility maintenance requirements for secondary systems.
  • The Chemistry & Materials Center: Supports the reliability and performance of power plants with routine, urgent tests in specialized chemistry, plus corrosion and metallurgical tests, and analysis support.
  • Outage Equipment Support Center: Offers welding, machining and fabrication services for contaminated and non-contaminated equipment and process systems, as well as radiologically controlled work-space for refurbishment of field equipment and utility components.


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