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A global pandemic. Restricted international travel. 14-day in-country quarantines. Two typhoons. These obstacles comprise one of the most logistically-challenging outages Framatome’s teams have faced.

From 2016 to 2019, when you walked into the Technical Training Center in Lynchburg, Virginia, you couldn’t miss it — it was big, blue and had quite the footprint. Customers, employees, students and interns – even a United States Senator from Virginia — all had the chance to witness our Stearns Roger Services (SRS) team design, build and test two custom, automated refueling platforms for a customer.

When an emergent issue arose for a customer, our team was ready to spring into action.

Recently, thermal sleeve wear issues at various penetrations were discovered during in-service inspections on multiple reactor vessel closure heads.

For 50 years, the people at our Richland fuel manufacturing facility have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to meet our customers’ nuclear fuel needs and refueling schedules.

Our Pump and Motor Service Center (PMSC) experts were deployed to provide pump balancing and personnel training.

Framatome worked with a plant that had historical outages of 35 days. We worked with the site director and looked at previous outage lengths, processes and adjusted crew sizes for a shorter outage plan. With the Framatome work on critical path, we came up with an aggressive 25-day outage schedule.

When work is always performed the same way, it can be difficult to see how to improve. That was the case with one utility that had always used a single vendor for outages. The utility had a goal to finish their outages in 22 days or less. They were never going to make that goal if they didn’t make changes.

Finding like-for-like replacements for electrical equipment can be tricky at times, impossible at others. By designing and delivering custom upgrade solutions, we make everything that was old new again.

A utility in Europe needed significant tooling work and required delivery in a hurry. Our machinists worked tirelessly during plant shutdown.

Our customers call, we respond.  During one of our busiest outage seasons, a customer had an emergent seal issue. We immediately deployed a team of expert RCP Engineers and technicians to the plant.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) challenged nuclear fuel suppliers to evaluate light water reactor (LWR) fuels and research ways to provide increased coping time for plant operators in the event of an unanticipated incident. Our global team of experts tackled the DOE’s challenge by developing our PROtect program, the leading enhanced accident tolerant fuel (EATF) program in the world.

A utility’s workstations needed an upgrade, custom hardware and a tight schedule added pressure. Three plants were facing obsolesces issues, yet virtualization created a new set of IT and cyber challenges.

When two companies realized a need in the nuclear industry for a trusted partner who could offer a wide breadth of instrumentation and control platforms, an idea was born. Gaps existed in the Framatome I&C portfolio and Schneider wanted to realign their strategy.

A utility acquired and installed hardware and software for cyber security. Before the system could be fully configured, their
expert left the company. The utility turned to their Engineer of Choice relationship with Framatome to finish the job.

A plant was spending large amounts of time and money maintaining safety-related equipment. 10 CFR 50.69 allows for reduced regulatory burden on equipment that is of low safety significance. The plant brought in Framatome to implement a pilot program for 50.69.

A utility decided to upgrade their analog I&C system to an entirely digital, safety-related system to address obsolescence reliability issues and reduce costs. Framatome was brought in to install the TELEPERM® XS digital control system.

We listened to our customers as we tackled this challenge by developing the latest version of our ATRIUM BWR product – ATRIUM 11.

Having the right partner makes a difference for the long-term. A customer had difficulty maintaining performance in their transfer system due to aging components and spare part obsolescence. Framatome upgraded new features to improve speed and controls.

With two of our market-ready applications, the utility realizes immediate cost savings and dose savings, while strengthening its environmental protection and enhancing plant performance.