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Framatome has signed an agreement with Toshiba International Corporation to allow Framatome to provide the North American commercial nuclear power market with reliable, high-quality motors.

Framatome is working with two Canadian companies to produce life saving medical isotopes for use in the fight against cancer

Production is underway on filters incorporating new nano technology for sub-0.1 micron filtration for the NPC’s customers seeking to remove colloids and minimize source term.

Framatome's updated and easy-to-remember website npc.framatome.com now provides a personalized customer experience with custom pricing and enhanced communication during the request for quote (RFQ) process. 

Need to deliver a complicated project on time? Framatome’s engineering teams are here to help when you need us. Whether it is delivering a cost-competitive power uprate, resolving component aging issues, addressing buried piping challenges or implementing your 50.69 program, our engineers have the skill sets you need.

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