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Grease degradation is a well-known failure mechanism for medium and low voltage circuit breakers in nuclear applications, and Framatome’s Maintenance Interval and Life Extension Solutions (MILES) Program is the solution.

Framatome’s ATRIUM 11 fuel design is quickly expanding its imprint in the U.S. boiling water reactor (BWR) market, with contracts secured to provide our most advanced BWR fuel design to eight U.S. reactors from four U.S. utilities.

Need to deliver a complicated project on time? Framatome’s engineering teams are here to help when you need us. Whether it is delivering a cost-competitive power uprate, resolving component aging issues, addressing buried piping challenges or implementing your 50.69 program, our engineers have the skill sets you need.

Framatome's updated and easy-to-remember website npc.framatome.com now provides a personalized customer experience with custom pricing and enhanced communication during the request for quote (RFQ) process. 

When it comes to operational excellence, the Framatome Canada Ltd. High Voltage Team has the winning game plan. Over the past five years, Framatome has won six Outage Cups, and this year the team was again recognized by a Canadian power provider for outstanding performance at their plant.

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