The demand for data acquisition and analytics is increasingly important for maintaining the viability of utilities and the nuclear industry.

For instance, Framatome Pump and Motor Service Center (PMSC) experts were contacted by a customer and deployed to provide pump balancing and personnel training. At the time, they were not aware if any data had been collected. Most of the people on the utility’s team had a component or system function title but very limited experience in predictive analysis. Once PMSC personnel got access to the area, they realized that a signal analyzer had already been setup by the previous preventative maintenance group and was still operating and recording data. They used the as found recorded data to resolve the issue and spent additional time training a plant engineer on using his analysis tool he had inherited.

The required vibration diagnostic data was available because the shutdown data had already been collected. Typically, PMSC recommends capturing data when the plant is shutting down, and they provide corrective actions installing the correction during the outage. Then the plant doesn’t have to stop during start up to make those pump adjustments.

In this particular case, PMSC experts used data from the plant to anticipate issues and ensure Framatome’s equipment was ready to be implemented. They found that, out of three motor/pump assemblies, only two needed balance adjustments. There was no loss of production time because the balancing was done during the refueling outage. Ultimately, as a result of our balancing work, the vibration level was reduced by half on one specific pump.

Framatome is happy to provide the training to plant personnel as we believe that successful customers are our best customers and knowledgeable customers are successful customers. It’s the interpretation of the collected data that is crucial for utilities to predict issues before they happen so that outage time and costs are minimized.